Thursday, May 17, 2012


This is Berry. Let me tell you, this one, she's a catch.

The first time we met was miles outside of Waco in the middle of nowhere star-gazing with a group of mutual friends. I am so thankful for that night because now, roughly two years later, we have become close friends and will be roommates come fall! I really can't even express my excitement about living with this lovely girl.

Berry is a good sport. a really good sport.  
Berry is a whiz in the kitchen. She absolutely loves cooking for others. I plan on reaping the benefits of this often.
Berry is short for Beryl. It's biblical. 
Berry is an incredibly loyal friend. She's also not afraid to give it to ya straight, which I really appreciate.
Berry owns a banjo.
Berry gives the best hugs. 
Berry is such a secure woman. Her security comes from knowing Jesus loves her, really really loves her. 
Berry was home schooled for a bit. Personally, I think she's that much cooler because of it. 
Berry is one of the most beautiful people I know.

I so love being friends with you Berry! You are such a treasure. 
Things Berry is thankful for right this moment: 
1. Sitting outside with my dad by the grill .
2. The smell of fresh cut grass.
3. Laughing with my sister late at night.
4. Nutella, Peanut butter, and blackberry jam sandwiches! GRILLED.
5. Playing piano when no one is around.
6. Peach Tea at Homestead Heritage.
7. My family's laughter and joy seated around the dinner table.
8. Tan feet (I know I know...)
9. Babies. Always. When am I NOT thankful for babies?
10. The incredible, encouraging, HILARIOUS friends God has put in my life...specifically Kim, Brent, and Scott. (Well, Brent is my bf...that counts too, right?)

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  1. Berry, stinking gorgeous!

    Also, really need to try one of these Nutella, peanut butter, blackberry jam grilled sandwiches. Wow. My mouth is watering!