Saturday, May 5, 2012


happy 13th sweet addy baddy!

this picture was taken exactly one year ago at addison's twelfth birthday party. my how the time flies. addy i am so sad i cant be home to celebrate today with you but i'll be home soon and very soon and celebrating will just have to happen all over again!

fun facts about addison:
  • she has the greatest hair on the planet. i once attempted to copy it. twas a bit of a fail
  • she rocks at doing hair and make-up..on herself. brooke and i daily mourn the fact that we dont get to benefit from this skill.
  • she lets me linger. she understands the linger.
  • she loves this song. its our song actually
  • she cant sleep with her door closed
  • she loves mustaches
  • shes got a mean model walk. antm marathons have served her well
  • she's really great at acting
  • she's feisty on the basketball court. you'll never have to remind her to b-e aggresive 
  • she's a cute lil cheerleader. go wylie go! 
i love you addy! see you soon (:

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