Tuesday, May 8, 2012


remember that time last summer, those lovely but fleeting 12 hours we spent together. it was a good time, right? i mean i felt like we left each other on good terms. but maybe not because...

you keep stealing all my friends.

first this one.
then these two
and now her and her.

i'm happy you guys are spending time together, really i am. that's not why i'm writing. its just that, well, i'd love to see more of you. i feel like you and i could really hit it off ya know? that being said, feel free to steal me whenever you want. you won't even have to blindfold me, i'll go without a fight. promise.


ps. please be good to my friends. this letter is by no means meant to discourage your relationship with them. only to let you know that i really like you and i think you could feel the same for me. you and i, we could be the greatest thing since nutella and pretzels. thats all i'm saying.

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  1. On behalf of Europe, I would like to say that you are most welcome here!