Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last weekend Common Grounds hosted a Justice Rally put on by Unbound, a new anti-trafficking initiative based out of Antioch Community Church. There are currently over 27 million people enslaved all over the world, thats more than ever in the course of human history. It is an industry that is growing at a terrifying rate but the good news is.. Jesus loves justice and so do his people! This rally was put on by a few college students who believed that the little they had to offer could make a big difference. And make a difference they did. 

Asking for donations at the door, the event took place over the course of a few hours. In that time, multiple artists came and played (pictured below are musical geniuses, jeff james and the wonder twins) and there were also multiple booths set up with different information and opportunities for people to get involved with the anti-trafficking movement. The booths featured were IJMjesus said loveA21, Unbound, and for the silent.* All incredible organizations that are taking action against the injustice going on all over the world and even in our own cities. One thing I loved about this event was how hands on it was. While raising awareness plays a huge part in seeing justice become reality, the goal for this event was not to just hand out a bunch of pamphlets and hope that people would choose to take action. There were squares of cardboard with different prayer requests written on them for people to take and commit to praying for. A table full of laptops waiting for people to sign a letter/petition to the Texas senator advocating for legislature to be passed. Krafts for Katies, a craft business owned by a college freshmen, was there selling t-shirt scarves and hair/scarf pins to fundraise. And there was a place to drop off lightly worn/new clothes that would go to girls who have recently been rescued from the trafficking industry. Oh AND I am so sad I missed this but later that night there was a showing of the documentary, Nefarious, which is an incredibly well made documentary that exposes the reality of modern slavery. More than anything, I love that people left the rally not with a heavy heart as the reality of injustice sank in, but rejoicing in the promise that the Lord is bigger and he is moving and that he loves to use the weak things to shame the strong.

I am so thankful for and proud of everyone who played a part in making this afternoon happen. You are playing a part in something eternal my friends!

*to learn more about sex trafficking both globally and locally, i HIGHLY suggest you check out these websites 

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