Friday, May 4, 2012


this is chelsea, but you can call her chel.

i have had the privilege of living with this beautiful and talented one for the past year and what a time we've had! she just finished her last semester in waco and in less than two weeks will be bound for europe to study abroad for the summer. the courses she takes this summer will finish off her degree and then she'll be heading home to lovely chicago. i will miss this lady dearly but am so excited for the adventures ahead of her!

things that will always remind me of chel:
hummus, musicals, becoming jane, vintage scarves, clinique chubby sticks, pianos, clean kitchens, the truth that feelings are worth talking about, whole foods, americanos, my bangs*

i love you to the moon and back chel. come visit me all the time next year! i promise to take your picture and buy you jasons, common grounds, and froyo (i'm not above bribes) every time.

*she graciously cuts them for free. i may look like cousin it next year without her


  1. Chelsea is stunning!!!!! LOVE that girl!

  2. Ummm seriously...Can Chels be anymore gorgeous in these pics? BTW Meg....the lighting is perfect in all these pics!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Chelsea you are SO LOVED! :)

  4. These are INCREDIBLE. Way to go, Megs!

    Chel, you are simply GORGEOUS.