Tuesday, June 26, 2012


About a month ago, I had a little instagramming incident, submerging my iphone in this and resulting in one nonfunctioning home button. Annoying? Yes. Completely dysfunctional cellular? No way jose. My apple-savvy sister changed my settings so that my home button was displayed on my screen and booyah fully functioning iphone (eh minus working speakers, but who needs those). 

All was well...for about 3 weeks.

Apparently this smart phone had been biding its time, plotting its revenge, waiting for the opportune moment to avenge its near death-by-drowning experience. Well that moment came at 4 am in the form of Voice Control taking on a mind of its own, calling and facetiming people I didn't even know existed in my address book. These antics lasted for hours. Multiple nights in a row. Consequently, I ended up having to drop some cash for a new phone. Fortunately, Best Buy was having a sale last weekend. 

In an attempt to make nice with my new phone, I'm thinking it might be time for a new case, my previous one has obviously been through a lot and may be tinged with some bad luck and a few hard feelings. I'm loving these options from Society 6.
Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Feel free to weigh in. 

And remember folks, treat your phones with a little TLC, they really know how to push your buttons if you don't. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of family summer vacation numero uno! We're driving to Dallas and from there jumping on a Vegas bound plane. We're pretty stoked about it. So far plans include staying here, attending this, and steering way clear of this. Secretly I'm hoping to stumble upon a little shindig similar to this (can you say time of your stinkin life?!) but hey I'll settle for a sighting or two of this guy.

Viva Las Vegas yall.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


let it be known, i am a vimeo addict.
also let it be known that this post has been in the works ever since summer started. i so badly wanted the list to get to 10 but the internet connection here is a little bit rough. aka. it takes me 30-45 minutes to watch a 4 minute music video on vimeo. struggles.

i highly recommend you take the time to watch each of these. i really dont think they'll disappoint. unless of course your connection is crappy, but even then i think your perseverance and patience will be rewarded. ok lots of goodness starting now..

1. suave was never a word i would have used to describe a skater boy. until i saw this

2. i'm all about symmetry. i'm all about love stories. and i'm all about people being creative with what they've got. this was all shot on a nokia phone. good stuff, gooood stuff.

3. "rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers til i reach you." this has been stuck in my head for the past few days. and by few days i mean i've listened to it every day for the past 2 weeks and bought the album on itunes. plus this is filmed in washington. i must visit this state.

4. lately i've been hearing a lot of hype about oddfellows, a cafe in the bishop arts district of dallas, and had filed it away in my mind as somewhere i should think about eating the next time i was in the dfw area. however, now i've seen this and lets be honest if there's any chance of something like this happening again* well i'll just say a dallas visit may or may not have just been bumped up on my list of things to do.

5. the first time i heard temper trap's "Love Lost" was in the closing credits of a movie and it was love at first listen. i listened to it on repeat for at least a month or so and then it got lost (no pun intended) somewhere in my itunes library. thankfully i stumbled across this gem of a music video  and rediscovered my love for the song all over again. that little freckle-faced ginger boy! glory. i was hooked from the start.

6. its no secret that i love weddings. while the ceremony is beautiful, the reception is where its at (most of the time). i've been to some really fun receptions but this one may top them all. paper crowns, twinkly barn, b&g crowd surfing, whats not to love?

7. i daydream often about attending one of thesenew yorkeuropesan franciscoseattle. a girl can dream yeah?

*granted, this happened a year ago. i wont let that discourage me though. i just think that means they're due for another appearance and soon, yeah?