Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sno cones make every day a little happier. Add in volleyball, a grill, and some watermelon and you've got a near perfect day.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I think this weekend is in the running for one of my favorite memories from this semester. 
That tag line, "happiest 5k on the planet", they ain't playing around. What a morning! Exercising, color galore, old friends and new friends, unicorns, and an epic dance party to top it all of... I mean what's not to love?! Mary and I have decided joked that we really want to just rent a VW van and follow The Color Run all over the country. Girls can dream, eh? All this to say, do yourself a favor and SIGN UP for a city near you! You absolutely, 100% will not regret it. 

THIS is the perfect track for all of the above and below. 

*Also if you can find the common denominator in all of the following pictures, I'll give you a cyber high five.

*my mouth is wide open in every single picture i'm in. yup every single one. what can i say, it was a good time. praise God my teeth aren't stained. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


This is my mom. What a woman! God bless her for putting up with me for the past 22 years. And in honor of those 22 years, here's twenty-two things I love about her! 

1. I love how much you love Dad. I know that he "has full confidence in you and you lack nothing of value". You are such a stellar wife.

2. I love how loyal you are to the people you love 

3. I love how you have consistently laid down your life for your family

4. I love your little hobbies/phases. Ebay-ing, scrapbooking, modge podging, spirit pant painting, sudoku. You're so fun!

5. I love that you are fit. Seriously though, have her flex for you some time. The woman's got guns.

6. I love how you listen. Even when I am overly dramatic or make absolutely no sense

7. I love how you serve. Whether that be at home, at church, with Project Graduation, or various things that Brooke, Addy and I have been involved in, you are always quick to volunteer your time and talents!

8. I love that you believe in and the best about me, Brooke, and Addy.

9. I love that this was your favorite song for a short season.

10. I love that you don't take yourself too seriously. Especially when you and Kelly get together ;)

11. I love how you support your daughters.

12. I love that you trust me.

13. I love that you're passionate 

14. I love that you love a good book and naps on the couch almost as much as I do. 

15. I love how humble you are.

16. I love that you "speak with wisdom" and that "faithful instruction is always on your tongue"

17. I love how you defend and protect me, Brooke, and Addy.

18. I love that you are patient.

19. I love that you are quick to extend grace to others. 

20. I love that spending time with you is refreshing!

21. I love your honesty. 

22. I love that I get to call you mom and friend. I really wouldn't have it any other way!

Mom you deserve so much honor today and are so worthy of celebrating! I love you I love you I love you!

See you in a few days!

Friday, May 10, 2013


moments above include: ∆∆∆ pearl jam, a little left over from the san diego trip, common grounds concert, senior portraits, antioch live recording, wichita visit, demolishing a printer, early morning bearathon cheering, last lifegroup, last ∆∆∆ meeting, breakfast with lawrence lovelies, & the marina with bings.

WORD OF ADVICE: are you wanting to get on this whole disposable camera action? good, i thought so. well steer clear of the green and go for the gold, my friend. in my experience, kodak has delivered much more consistency and quality in their images while fuji has been found wanting. 
ps. Spring 2013 brought to you by Fuji; Fall 2012 courtesy of Kodak...ya feel me?