Monday, May 14, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have been blessed with some incredibly talented friends.

On my last night of the semester my friend Thomas put on a house show to help fund his mission trip to San Diego this summer and also to showcase some of his new music (which is qual-uh-tee, by the way). Thomas asked a few of our friends--Brandon, Tyler and Kim--to perform as well and I am oh so glad he did! Tyler's and Kim's voices were beautiful together, lovely lovely harmonies. Brandon performed a song that he wrote about how laying down your life to know the goodness of God is always worth it. Obviously I loved that. Thomas introduced loooots of new original music, all of which was beautiful. Turns out he's not only a musical genius, but possibly a lyrical one as well. Shout out to Austin Wright, who's responsible for the fantastic stage pictured below. Also, much thanks to the talented, djembe playing Jonathan Isenberg for setting up the lighting for the night. Twas superb, my camera loved it. I love seeing people use their gifts!

There were multiple times throughout the night when I stopped and said "What is my life? Who are my friends? This is so cool!" All A good majority of my friends all in one place using their talents, supporting each others talents, and worshipping Jesus while doing it--what a perfect last night. Friends, I propose this happen more often.

ps. if you're reading this and you happened to record any part of this night, feel free to email me ( some mp3 files and i'll try and put them up on here! ok thanks happy monday!

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  1. Fabulous! These are all incredible...and so are the people in them! I especially love the pic of Nath quasi-creepin in the chair.