Sunday, May 13, 2012


1. all super heroes // have you seen the avengers?! what a movie. witty, action packed, & well developed characters. i laughed a lot, cried once, almost peed my pants multiple times, went into the fetal position for almost every fight scene, and may or may not have done a double glory wave directly following the climax of the movie. also, so stoked for this and this

2. this freelance illustrator from london // her stuff is too cute. i love this piece. oh and this one too.

3. these magazine subscriptions // my birthday's in a few weeks. just saying.

4. the miller quartet // Paige, Jeff, Drew, Elijah, you guys are incredible. if miller chapel time ever happens again can i please come sit in a back pew and just bask in the goodness? geez, the amount of talented friends I've been blessed with never ceases to amaze me. you like what you hear? be sure and buy their Secret Sessions: vol 2 EP and help send these guys to Uganda & China this summer!

5. this photographer // oh the joy of discovering a new quality photography blog. rachel and rico, your work is gold.

6.  this video // i'm so certain i would have loved the 80's. others must feel the same because there's been a whole lotta tribute videos going down >> 1 : 2 :  3 : 4  man, if there's anything i've learned from living with this one it's that dancing, whenever, wherever and even if you look like a total fool, is totally worth it. dance more. you're life will become 1347987x more enjoyable.

7. this incredible choreographer // anthony lee you are talented. this. and this. and this. and this. actually, just check out his whole youtube channel.

8. these little surprise boxes // When you subscribe to Lost Crates, they gather design-inspired goodies, put them in a crate and deliver them right to your front door where you, of course, are waiting with giddy anticipation to see what surprises await you. You can sign up to receive a crate monthly (slightly expensive), quarterly (still quite the commitment), or you can pay month to month ( aka cancel anytime, aka. BINGO!).  who doesnt love getting packages?!

9. these iphone cases // society 6 is chock full of these gems. a few of my recent faves include this chevron one, this tribal one, and this bad boy

10. this storage installation // i love everything about this. wooden crates, mason jars, black and white textiles. i'll have my own bathroom next year. which means this will happen. 

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