Thursday, May 3, 2012


this is my friend jeff.

if i were to make a list of the coolest guys i know, he'd be near the top, if not first on the list.
if i had an older brother, i think i'd like to him to be just like jeff. 

jeff is hands down the most relatable person i've ever met.
jeff carries and supports people really well.
jeff is hilarious. i'm talking pee-your-pants funny.
jeff is great at living with confidence but also in humility.
jeff isn't scared to go where people haven't been yet.
jeff has great style. we're talking jcrew meets urban meets patagonia. classy.
jeff does friendship really well. 

thank you for being an incredible leader and loyal friend. i am so thankful for and proud to know you! 

ps. this guy is a PHENOMENAL photographer. I've learned so much from him. Check out his work here
Things Jeff is thankful for right this moment:
1. my broken hand
2. I am single

3. Tennessee
4. Bright Orange- University of Tennessee
5. My summer reading list
6. Transition
7. That I have pre-mourned my move*
8. Elevate and how hard/good it has been
9. Brokeness- knowing Christ through sharing in his suffering 1 Peter 4:13
10.Transformation in Christ

*he's moving to Knoxville to jump in with this church as their college pastor. yay so proud, so excited!

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  1. Megan thank you!!! I should of added this blog to the list of things that I am thankful for because it is. Bomb!!! This is creative and fresh. With amazing photos and great writting. I will visit often.