Wednesday, April 11, 2012


1. take away shows // thank you O' Loveland for introducing me to these gems. check these out.
here // think london meets france mumford edition.
and here // absolutely love the feel of this one & this is currently my fav song off their new album.
and here // eiffel tower. nuff said.

2. how talented my friends are! // this is my friend Brandon's album! Before you finish this post go buy this album. You won't regret it. Incredible worship music. Plus all proceeds go towards sending Brandon to East Asia this summer!)

3. this weather we're having // glory glory hallelujah.

4. waco's new outdoor adventure shop, Outdoor Waco // my friend mary beth and i stopped by yesterday and what an experience!
first off: bubble tea. if you haven't had it i encourage you to give it a shot! definitely different. i'm still acquiring my taste for it i think but i'm thinking our relationship will look similar to the one i now have with coffee and tea. both of which i previously despised and now cant get enough of. my recommendation: chai bubble tea. nom nom
secondly: incredible staff. friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and engaging. and what salesman! needless to say i went home with one of these. oh hammock happiness // side note: i was a goof and completely forgot to claim my free shirt yesterday (see fourthly) and so i went back today, not wanting to miss out on this deal, and was greeted by name as i walked through the door! Quality!
thirdly: location, location, location. so close to campus! so close to the river! so close to cameron park! so close to Roots!
fourthly: bargains. i'm all about em. this week only, if you buy $20 worth of merchandise, rentals, or repairs you get one of these snuggley soft, super hip tees.
finally: lovely atmosphere. i saw at least 10 people i knew. sat in their coffee shop which has incredible natural lighting and great seating. and they may or may not have been playing the civil wars the whole time i was there. win. win. win.
5. this tshirt from Congress Clothing // just purchased one for each member of my family. Sic Em National Champs!

6. how true this is at our house // cooking shmooking. just pump up da jams.

7. these shorts. // hello summer! i need to learn the basics of sewing. should have paid more attention in high school home ec.

8. ordinary people, experiencing and encountering an extraordinary God // these videos are powerful and i'm so thankful for these brave men and women who are willing to tell of the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus in their lives.

9. this project // as soon as i get my hands on a disposable camera, i'm doing this.

10. this early morning session  // being up before the sun never looked so good.

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