Friday, April 6, 2012


This evening on my drive back to Abilene, I was alerted by a friendly suburban, via a hilarious, make shift sign hung out their window, that my tire was flat. I pulled over and lo and behold there it was squished into the pavement in all its glorious flatness. No way could I keep driving on it. But I'd be willing to bet this was one of the most ideal flat tire situations out there. Cute pup for company, front row for the sunset, full moon at our back, beautiful weather, fully charged phone, & internet capabilities. We made the most of the little fiasco.

confession: after filming these videos while waiting for my grandparents to come to the rescue, i proceeded to watch them multiple times and laugh out loud (by myself). i feel like an incredible amount of cool points probably definitely just got docked from my name. oh well. what're ya gonna do? 

happy easter break y'all!

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