Friday, April 13, 2012


It is my joy to introduce you to the ball of sunshine that is Erica Hairston!

Erica is in my TriDelt family (grandlittle, to be precise) and my life is all the more brighter because of it. This girl is absolutely hilarious, effortlessly beautiful, bold as all get out, and has a knack for making everyone around her feel incredibly loved, included, and understood. My heart felt like it grew a little bit bigger when i received and read her email containing this list. It's so uniquely Erica. It's been fun going through people's lists and discovering how people's thanksgiving tends to reflect quite a bit about them as an individual. I love it!

Things Erica is thankful for right this moment:

1. the King of the Universe died so that we are FREE for the sake of His glory
2. when you're driving on a road with tons of surrounding trees and sun rays break through
3. smiles from a stranger
4. Dots
5. the smell of sunscreen
6. ipod playlists
7. AIM instant messenger names
8. elderly couples that hold hands
9. hitchhikers
10. the colorful sunset after a storm

ps. if you have emailed me your list, THANK YOU// THANK YOU// THANK YOU for responding so quickly! this week has been a bit crazy with school, work, and extracurriculars. if you haven't received one already, be expecting a follow up email coming your way soon!

pps. if you have no idea what this is about. check this out for some clarification (:

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