Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This weekend was possibly my favorite of the semester. Definitely top five. The greatness didn't end with Friday night's festivities but continued on into Saturday with this concert at Common Grounds. I'll be honest, Saturday morning was terrible. I woke up to achey limbs, fever, scratchy throat, clamminess--the whole shebang. Too much dancing? Is that possible? Who knows. Naturally I spent the entirety of the day in my pajamas (no shame) and by the time evening rolled around was feeling at least semi acceptable as Lauren and I headed to Common Grounds to see Green River Ordinance, whose lead singer, might I add, is Lauren's brother in law! Neat, huh? Lauren introduced me to GRO a few years ago and, in my opinion, their music is gold. We're talking windows down, hand out the window, sun on your skin, belt it out, real, authentic feel good kind of music. Layne Lynch and Graham Colton opened the show and both drew quite the crowd. By the time Lauren and I had purchased our drinks and gotten our hands stamped there was nowhere to sit but on the ground. Luckily, in between artists we were able to squeeze our way up to the front right before GRO came out. The thing I loved most about the night was how much fun these guys seemed to have with each other on stage! They love what they do. And I love being around people who love what they do. It really doesn't matter if I actually enjoy what they're doing. Passion attracts people. So do what you love, do it wholeheartedly, and do it with passion-- it's attractive!

Also, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing GRO's newest cd, Under Fire. Summer's coming up and this could easily become a part of your soundtrack for the months ahead. Just saying.

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