Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today I had a big test and two projects due. None of which had been studied for or were even close to completion as 8 o'clock rolled around last night. Cue freak out, right? No way jose. What could have been an extremely stressful, anxiety ridden night, turned into a rather enjoyable, remarkably hilarious evening/early morning spent with my dear friend, Sarah!

i am in no way encouraging you to procrastinate. 
i actually think its a huge weakness of mine, 
 which often bites me in the behind. 
but hey praise God that His grace is sufficient in my weakness. 
So here's to being thankful for grace, 
finding the gold in my weakness, 
and just plain living in thankfulness. 

Perk #1: Chances are you have a friend whose in the same boat as you. I hope the odds are in your favor with this one because there's really nothing more fun than staying up all night being (mostly) productive with someone you love to spend time with. Ok ok so there are numerous things more fun than that. But I'm telling you, it was a good time. 
Perk #2: The later it is and the more work you have to do are directly correlated with how willing people are to bring you really delicious coffee. And sometimes, if they're a good (slash maybe just observant) friend, they even know your order. 
Perk #3: The later you stay up the more caffeine actually gets to go to town on your body/brain. I'm not usually affected by coffee, but last night's alfredo swiftly ushered in perk #6 for me. 
Perk #4: You get to fall in love all over again with your favorite writing utensil. I'm very visual, so it helps me to write out all my notes, powerpoints, study guides, etc. My dear Sharpie pen and I spent lots of time reconnecting last night. He was even better than I remember. 
Perk #5: Study breaks. Lets be honest, they're absolutely necessary if you're going to be studying for more than, oh I don't know, three hours or so. For some people its more like 3 minutes. To each his own. My study breaks mostly look like this. You totally want to study with me now, am I right? (: These can get really interesting thanks to Perk #6 
Perk #6: I'm convinced filters have bed times. Mine's anywhere between 11pm and 1am. Sometimes it likes to take random naps during the day but not too often (praise God). And this my friends, well this is where the gold is. I'm talking prime time for crack yourself up, laugh til you cry, can't believe I just said/did that moments. Ah the memories. Note to self: do not ever go on a blind study date after your filter has gone to bed. It will not end well for anyone. Actually don't go on a blind study date period. There are a thousand better ideas for a blind date. Like swimming with sharks whose love language is physical touch. 
Perk #7: You have full freedom to sleep in and wear the same clothes from the day before. Ok so this is probably a perk for you and you alone. I'm fairly sure no one else around you is really a fan of this perk. In fact, some people with procrastination prone friends (ahem, bless my roommates) are cringing at the fact that I've included this. They've been the victim of one too many encounters with greasy haired, stinky peers. But I say, hey if you at least brush those pearly whites then people can make do with the rest. 
Perk #8: You get to explore the depths of your Itunes library (or Spotify, or Grooveshark, whichever you prefer). Here are some the gems I dug up last night. And yes I am well aware of the wide range of musical goodness in this mix. It was a long night. My mood shifted alot ok?  1 // 2 // 3// 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 
Perk #9: This only applies if you are not studying at your own house. If it gets late enough, you can usually score yourself a more comfortable sleeping situation than what you normally have. I love my down duvet but last night I lounged in both an Amazonian hammock (exotic eh?) and a full -possibly queen- sized bed (sans dog, mind you, but thats actually more of a sad story for another time). The sleep I got  nap I took at Sarah's house last night was divine. 

So there you have it. Just a few perks that come with procrastinating. I'm sure responsible and timely people's perks far outnumber this measly list of nine. I'll let you know what some of them are once I actually become one of those people.

I hope you finish up the semester strong. Don't be pro-procrastination. Manage your time well. But just in case you slip up, remember the perks! Happy Studying!

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  1. Good thing I'm reading this while I'm enduring the consequences of procrastinating... In regards to perk #9, I may end up napping here at the grocery store (it's the hot spot to study these days).