Sunday, March 18, 2012


Meet my 4 1/2 month (mostly) lab pup, Bingley! Also affectionately known as Bings, Bingle, Bingers, The Cuteness, and sometimes not so affectionately Bingleberry, which is reserved for those times when her inner rebel temporarily overrules her usually sweet, loving self. This past October my family's black lab had a litter of seven puppies. The convincing process was quite an ordeal but due to much persistence and determination, I was finally able to call this little girl mine. Since our sweet roommate Alicia moved out in December to attend nursing school in Dallas, Bingley has essentially become our fourth roommate here at the Navajome. She's only been in Waco for about two months and already I can't really recall what life was like before her.
Owning a puppy, though it has its frustrating moments, is quite the adventure. And as my roommates always lovingly remind me, "she's preparing you to be a mom"! In these few short months I've learned that:

  • Your choice in PJ's matters when you don't have a fenced yard. Apparently, people do actually drive around at 430 in the morning. Who knew.
  • A good snuggle will always result in my full forgiveness
  • Doors and toilet seats should always be shut. Period.
  • Sometimes puppies wet the bed, too. Wash, forgive, forget
  • Ticks are nasty and more difficult to remove then one might think
  • Bamboo sticks from Cameron Park and plastic hangers make great impromptu toys
  • Car rides are always more enjoyable when one can stick their head out the window
  • Vuvuzelas are surprisingly terrifying 
  • Consistency is key (still working on this)
  • Long walks are essential for happiness. Preferably multiple times a day.
  • People's entire personas change when they are around a puppy
  • It is possible for people to recognize and know the name of your dog while not actually remembering yours. No big.
  • Bingley and I both share an affinity for naps and pictures. I like taking them, she likes to be in them. Its a great thing we've got going here.
  • My roommates are some of the most gracious, selfless people I know.
  • The words privacy and embarrassment are unknown to dogs
  • Tails are elusive, but persistence usually results in satisfaction. 
  • Bingley is an extrovert. Yet to meet another dog she didn't like (even the growling kind) and at home she'll follow you from room to room--cant stand being alone.
    Well there you have her, Bingley in all her glory. There's sure to be more to come from this one on here-- with a face like that how could there not be?

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