Sunday, March 18, 2012


Take a little peek into the loveliness that is Marcus and Laura. I was absolutely thrilled when Laura contacted me about doing her and Marcus' engagement session. In a way, I feel like I've known this couple from their beginning. I''m good friends with Marcus' brother, Thomas, and I remember hearing about this wonderful girl that Marcus had his eye on and thinking "this girl must really be something special!" And no doubt, she is. Every time I walk away from spending time with Laura, I leave feeling so valued, listened to, and encouraged. Plus, she's positively beautiful! Marcus leaves you feeling the same way--cared for, valued, and honored. He's a wonderful big brother and not just to his biological sibling, but to anyone who's in need of some brotherly love. 

This session was thoroughly enjoyable for multiple reasons:

a) Marcus and Laura were so comfortable around each other and in front of the camera. You two are some of the most laid back, yet engaging people I've ever worked with!

b) We got to dodge frisbee golf discs in between locations. Always a good time. 

c) It SNOWED! Seriously. Mind you, we were wearing shorts the day before. Oh Texas. Thanks for being such troopers you guys!

I can't even wait to be a part of documenting your big day! Hurry up May!

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