Tuesday, May 7, 2013


1. As promised, here is the #BANNER video that I mentioned last week.

And let me tell you, if you thought the song was the bees knees, just wait until you see the video. I am consistently blown away by how talented and fun my friends are. Seriously though you guys who even are you?!

2. Twelve months, twelve themes, ten contributors. Yes and amen.

3. Artifact Uprising. "inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible"

That tag line in and of itself sold me on whatever it was they might be selling. Just wait until you enter the site and actually see the product. Stunning

4. Just everything about this. Colors, motion, subject, music. Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes.

5. 5k fun runs! I just did this one (time of my life I tell ya! You'll be hearing more about it. Promise) and I'm thinking this guy looks like a great next adventure. Basically if a run ends in a dance party, I say COUNT ME IN.

6. Documenting life "with a gaggle of instant films instead of our phones". I feel like I'd really enjoy being around this family

7. My birthday's in about a month and a photobooth crawl sounds fabulous! The DIY crows aren't super me but I'm all about some limo/photo booth/adventure action.

8. This guy thinks people should say Good Morning more often and ya know, I agree.

9. What a fun gift idea! For a baby shower or even just for a friend.

10. I discovered Joshua Noom on Instagram a month or so ago and am continually impressed by his work. Enjoy!

(image above found here )

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