Monday, May 13, 2013


I think this weekend is in the running for one of my favorite memories from this semester. 
That tag line, "happiest 5k on the planet", they ain't playing around. What a morning! Exercising, color galore, old friends and new friends, unicorns, and an epic dance party to top it all of... I mean what's not to love?! Mary and I have decided joked that we really want to just rent a VW van and follow The Color Run all over the country. Girls can dream, eh? All this to say, do yourself a favor and SIGN UP for a city near you! You absolutely, 100% will not regret it. 

THIS is the perfect track for all of the above and below. 

*Also if you can find the common denominator in all of the following pictures, I'll give you a cyber high five.

*my mouth is wide open in every single picture i'm in. yup every single one. what can i say, it was a good time. praise God my teeth aren't stained. 

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