Tuesday, June 26, 2012


About a month ago, I had a little instagramming incident, submerging my iphone in this and resulting in one nonfunctioning home button. Annoying? Yes. Completely dysfunctional cellular? No way jose. My apple-savvy sister changed my settings so that my home button was displayed on my screen and booyah fully functioning iphone (eh minus working speakers, but who needs those). 

All was well...for about 3 weeks.

Apparently this smart phone had been biding its time, plotting its revenge, waiting for the opportune moment to avenge its near death-by-drowning experience. Well that moment came at 4 am in the form of Voice Control taking on a mind of its own, calling and facetiming people I didn't even know existed in my address book. These antics lasted for hours. Multiple nights in a row. Consequently, I ended up having to drop some cash for a new phone. Fortunately, Best Buy was having a sale last weekend. 

In an attempt to make nice with my new phone, I'm thinking it might be time for a new case, my previous one has obviously been through a lot and may be tinged with some bad luck and a few hard feelings. I'm loving these options from Society 6.
Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Feel free to weigh in. 

And remember folks, treat your phones with a little TLC, they really know how to push your buttons if you don't.